Rewards Conversion

Rewards Conversion

Effectivity Date: October 1, 2019

Value of Points: 

1 Point = Php 1.00 

How to Earn Points 

1. Through Booking 

Regular Bookings (no promo codes/points used) – 1 point earned per every Php 80.00 amount spent. The more Bookings / Loads, the more points earned. 

2. Referral 

1st TWO – Code owner earns 10 points for each of his 1st two referral code users; 1st two code users of a Code earns 10 points. 

Succeeding Code Users – Code owner earns 5 points for every referral code used after the 1st Two; After two code users, code owner earns 5 points each.

*Points will only reflect once the Code User made a successful booking. 

3. Others

Updating personal information will also earn you 5 points. 

**Note: using promo codes within a booking will not earn you points. 

Where to use Points? 

1. Transaction - customers can use points to pay for the transaction. There are no minimum points. 

2. In-App Redeemable – get a hold of various sets of vouchers with the use of points. 

**Redeemed rewards will be distributed on the next transaction